The leader of the global meager image library

  Lovepik is a reliable royalty-free commercial images library which welcomes all the designers around the world with a sharing, affordable, borderless philosophy.

Global leader of messager profit stock

Give you the best design ideas and inspiration to create stunning works. We hope we can break the boundaries between
geography, time and economy differences and let wonderful ideas spread to the world.

So Lovepik was founded in March 2018, China, Shanghai Jingxuan Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

Massive images design material

For now,we have more than 1.4 million images and are very "connotative." To provide you with the
best photos, illustrations, creative pictures, backgrounds, vector graphics, advertising marketing
templates and more. Have Lovepik to make your design even better.

Global 10000+ contributors

We have over 10,000 creative design contributors around the world and 3,000 distinctive contracted
designers and photographers in China, constantly providing avantgarde design and sharing it with
more designers.

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Customer Service Skype User Name:live:d12e3af548c4edb5


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